MEMORIES OF CROSSING – Alberto Segre (France, 2021) 20′

Diana Dumitrescu, mediatized gymnast and Romanian champion, has been trained to overcome the toughest trials and succeed in the most perilous figures.

Sulmona Film Festival 2021

Director – Alberto Segre

Alberto Segre was born in Turin, Italy, where he studied sociology before studying in Cambridge and Paris. He worked in France as a researcher and joined the Aquitaine Regional Council, where he helped creating Aquitaine Image Cinéma (now ALCA), the Region’s support center for filming. Alberto directed several shorts films and documentaries, as The lost dog (2017) and Memories of crossing (2021), selected in several festivals, a free adaptation of Nadia Comaneci’s life. He is currently developing several projects, including his first feature film, Marathon, a story of love and darkness between France and Algeria.