THE INVISIBLE HAND OF ADAM SMITH – Slobodan Maksimović (Slovenia, 2017) 15’

Somewhere in Europe a Greek owes to a French, who owes to a Slovenian and she owes to an Italian, who owes money to the Greek. A German owes no one, she just wants to get a good night’s sleep. The Brit is looking for an exit. The film is shot in one take with a crew and actors coming from over ten countries. Everyone speaks their language and they all understand each other.


 Audience Award for best film, Best Cinematography – Firenze Filmcorti Festival,  Motovun Film Festival, 3rd best international  film – Larissa International Film Festival, and more.. 



Director Biography – Slobodan Maksimović

Slobodan Maksimović was born in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina, on May 28th 1975. Since 2003 he attends the Academy for Theatre, Radio, Film and Television in Ljubljana, Slovenia, Department of Film and Television Directing. His first student short film “1/2” has been presented at the 60th Cannes Film Festival as a part of the Tous Les Cinemas Du Monde section. His shorts “1/2” and “AgapE” were shown at more than 30 international film festivals within the competition program and won 14 international rewards.
“Thanks for Sunderland” is his first feature film which was awarded with four Vesna awards at 15th Festival of Slovenian film. Among them also Vesna for best film.