CHRONOSYNC – Sofia Laszlovszky (Hungary, 2018) 7’34’’

The story is based on observations on the changing worldview of mankind and shows the weird connection between different cultures through time and their worldview. All the scenes contain associations on myths, legends and scientific facts, which were in their time believed and known as reality. So the eternal urge to explain where we came from and how the universe works seems to be born with us.
What is reality? Or is “reality” just as fragile and varies just as much as every individual’s own view of existence? And what if the whole existence isn’t “real” in the way we imagine it?
These were the main background questions of the film. I collected these episodes of human history, which were inherited by all of us through collective knowledge and tried to convert them to an ongoing story, making it lifelike.



Athens International Film and Video Festival


Director BiographySofia Laszlovszky

Independent animation director and multimedia artist.
My basic interest is about mysteries and alternate dimensions. I focus on my imaginations about these parallel worlds.