AM STRAND – Nele Mueller-Stöfen (Germany, 2015) 19’

BEST ACTRESS – Laura Tonke

Laura (34) and Clemens (36) spend their holidays at the sea in Northern Germany. Laura is bored and invents a game: She pretends to be blind. Over the course of a few days the couple gets entangled in their lie, revealing the emptiness of their relationship. In the end we see two young adults who will have to find a new way.


Director: Nele Mueller-Stöfen; Writer: Nele Mueller-Stöfen; Jakob Deutsch, Producer: Edward Berger, Jan Krüger; Key Cast: Laura Tonke, Fabian Busch, Maren Eggert, Peter Jordan

Director bio: Born in Hamburg, Germany. She graduated as an actress from the School of Music and Acting in Graz, Austria. After her first theatre engagements she continued to work in film, with directors such as Christian Petzold (“Die Beischlafdiebin”), Oskar Roehler (“Gierig”), Lars Kraume (“Dunckel”), Edward Berger (“Jack”) and Matthias Glasner (“Das Staatsgeheimnis”). Since 2010 she has also been working as a screenwriter. Together with director Edward Berger she wrote the screenplay „Jack“ which premiered in competition at the Berlin International Film Festival in 2014. Her next screenplay “Die Hoffmanns” will be produced later in 2015. She finished her first film as a writer / director, “Am Strand“, in April 2015.