BEST Mobile film – „NEW BLOOD – WILD CHRONCLE OF BEIRUT” – Christophe Karabache [Lebanon 2015]

Synopsis: A filmmaker attempts to begin a feature film project in a disturbing and unusual area in suburb of Beirut.

Director Bio: Christophe Karabache is a French-Lebanese filmmaker.
Born in Beirut in 1979, he completed his Masters in Cinema Studies at Université Paris III – Sorbonne Nouvelle (France) and through a joint program at The University of Iowa (USA).
Karabache began his exploration of film at l’Etna, an alternative workshop in Paris. He initially made short experimental films (on super-8 & 16mm).
His current filmmaking practice shifts between documentary and fiction (on digital video and HD).
His is a cinema of cruelty, expressed through an incisive, critical, yet simple point of view. His films have been showcased at several international film festivals (in the USA, Lebanon, New Caledonia, Bosnia, Canada, UK, Greece, France, Benin, Australia, Hungary, Mexico, Germany, Mongolia, Switzerland, Romania, Portugal, Spain, etc.) and commercially released in movie theaters in France .

Director: Christophe Karabake

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