BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY – Camille Lhermite – “CADILLAC” – directed by: Pauline Roque [Belgium 2015]

Synopsis: Billie is a garage owner in a village of Wallonia. Isolated and put into debt, she has to, for a weekend long, face Wilhem, her creditor, and welcome Lou, her handicaped brother …

Director Bio: After studies of contemporary dance to the academy, and a Master’s degree of screenwriting, Pauline Roque joins THE IAD film scool and learns and experiments the film-making, fiction and documentary. She making her first short film “CAMILLE” and CADILLAC there, her movie of the end of study. At the same time, she dashes into video workshops with various public.

Director: Pauline Roque; Writer: Pauline Roque, Rapahel Venin; Producer: Bénédicte Lescalier ; Key Cast: Alexia Depicker, Laurent Caron

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