MON CHERI – Steve Bache – (Germany, 2015) 11’03”

On a hot summer‘s day, lonely Franklin is invited to play with other kids for the first time since moving to a new village. But when the children stumble across a recently moved-in house and observe his mother, things take a drastic turn – and Franklin once again has to play a role that he Read more about MON CHERI – Steve Bache – (Germany, 2015) 11’03”[…]

TEST OF COURAGE – Rena Dumont (Germany ,2016) 19’28”

During WWII, a bunch of children, with 11-year old Anton and his younger brother Rudi in the middle, meet up at a wall at the cementery. They regulary have tests of courage. As it is Rudi´s turn, he makes his way, armed with a knife, to the grave of a child murderer, where the night Read more about TEST OF COURAGE – Rena Dumont (Germany ,2016) 19’28”[…]

THE GOOD BOY – A. L. Lee ( United States, 2015) 14’55”

JURY SPECIAL MENTION – Alice Lauren lee A morality tale, “the good boy” is a film about a young boxer who accepts a challenge to fight a brute of a man only to discover his opponent has the mental capacity of a five year old. This is an unflinching look at what happens when you Read more about THE GOOD BOY – A. L. Lee ( United States, 2015) 14’55”[…]

THE SLED – Emanuela Ponzano (Italy, 2016) 19’

BEST ACTOR – Riccardo Specchio A sled brings together two boys from different countries and cultures and carries them through the winter woods of the Italian mountains, far away from their parents’ prejudices and isolation. Two children, one sled and a lasting friendship.   Director: Emanuela Ponzano; Writer: Emanuela Ponzano,Simone Riccardini; Producer: Emanuela Ponzano,Andrea Leone Director Read more about THE SLED – Emanuela Ponzano (Italy, 2016) 19’[…]

THE SWELLING – Tom Bewilogua (Germany, 2016) 15’

BEST EDIT – Tom Bewilogua Trailer In  the  near  future.  Surveillance  is  omnipresent.  Cameras  and  drones  belong  to  the common cityscape like traffic lights. The sky is gray and environment seems dead. Here “X-33“  lives  in  a  rundown  apartment  complex,  where  strange  things  occur.  A  peculiarand  pulsing  bulgelike  object  in  the  wall  follows  him  permanently  at  Read more about THE SWELLING – Tom Bewilogua (Germany, 2016) 15’[…]

THE LAST TRIP OF EMILE – Tibo Pinsard (France, 2012) 30’40”

Emile, a stammerer, suffers a lot from his disability. He has suicidal tendancies and wishes to put an end to his life, while he doesn’t want to cause any pain to his dear mother. That’s why he flew to the Reunion Island, far from her, determined to exploit to the maximum – with his tour Read more about THE LAST TRIP OF EMILE – Tibo Pinsard (France, 2012) 30’40”[…]

STRIPES – Tibo Pinsard (France ,2016) 4’11”

JURY AWARD OF RECOGNITION – Tibo Pinsard “She and He are on their first date. They mutually try to seduce each other. But to truly know who she is and who he is, they must, literally, remove their masks.”   Director bio: A  french director, Tibo Pinsard discovered art when he went to Dijon (Burgundy, France) Read more about STRIPES – Tibo Pinsard (France ,2016) 4’11”[…]