NELLY – Chris Raiber (Austria, 2015) 16’30”

BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY – Mario Minichmayr Website Trailer A car drives through the snow. Behind the wheel is Nelly. She is thirteen years old. Nelly wants to go home. Separating her from her goal are three questions, two keys, a diving tower and a racing heart. Director: Chris Raiber;  Writer: Chris Raiber;  Producer: Nils Klingohr;  Key Read more about NELLY – Chris Raiber (Austria, 2015) 16’30”[…]

ABOUT THE BOY WHO ATE AN OAKWOOD CHAIR – Pieter Goethals (Belgium, 2016) 28’07”

BEST FILM – Pieter Goethals BEST MUSIC SOUNDTRACK –  Hannes De Maeyer Facebook Page  Trailer  Video recording sessions for soundtrack This crowdfunded film tells the melancholic and wondrous tale of Gerard, who is tremendously in love with the girl next door, but doesn’t have the guts to tell her. One day, he decides to do something Read more about ABOUT THE BOY WHO ATE AN OAKWOOD CHAIR – Pieter Goethals (Belgium, 2016) 28’07”[…]

AM STRAND – Nele Mueller-Stöfen (Germany, 2015) 19’

BEST ACTRESS – Laura Tonke Laura (34) and Clemens (36) spend their holidays at the sea in Northern Germany. Laura is bored and invents a game: She pretends to be blind. Over the course of a few days the couple gets entangled in their lie, revealing the emptiness of their relationship. In the end we Read more about AM STRAND – Nele Mueller-Stöfen (Germany, 2015) 19’[…]

BILLY THE KID – Sam Johnson (United Kingdom, 2015) 15’45”

Fitting in to a new school can be hard, particularly when you were bullied out of the last one for living your life as a cowboy.  But then 15-year-old Billy is joining a place that, though it doesn’t know it yet, is in need of a hero – a lasso wielding, John Wayne quoting, bubblegum Read more about BILLY THE KID – Sam Johnson (United Kingdom, 2015) 15’45”[…]

BOAT PEOPLE – Paul Meschùh (Germany, 2016) 28’

On his journey from Somalia to Europe, shipwrecked Moussa is picked up by a wealthy couple on their luxurious catamaran. The athletic young man is the only survivor of a disaster in the Mediterranean Sea and asks Hannes and Gerlinde to smuggle him across the border. Questioning Moussa’s true intentions, the yacht owners are torn Read more about BOAT PEOPLE – Paul Meschùh (Germany, 2016) 28’[…]

DREAMS ON SALE – Vlad Buzoianu (Romania, 2016) 9’24”

BEST DEBUT – Vlad Buzoianu Trailer Facebook page In a world where people are able to record, buy and sell dreams, many are starting to lose the ability of dreaming. Dreams have become a new form of art and a commodity for the rich class. Director: Vlad Buzoianu; Writer: Vlad Buzoianu, Cristian Petrescu; Producer: Ciprian Tanasa; Key cast:Cristian Read more about DREAMS ON SALE – Vlad Buzoianu (Romania, 2016) 9’24”[…]

GORILLA – Tibo Pinsard (France, 2016) 14’05”

BEST SCREENPLAY – Tibo Pinsard Website Trailer Facebook Page Hollywood, 1952. Henry Corso performs a costumed gorilla on horror movies and adventure movies. For Jungle Jenna, he must terrorize the leading actress lost in a fake jungle. But scaring the woman he desires is going to be particularly tricky for the gorilla man. Director: Tibo Read more about GORILLA – Tibo Pinsard (France, 2016) 14’05”[…]

HALF A MAN – Kristina Kumrić (Croatia, 2016) 19’

BEST NARRATIVE FILM – Kristina Kumrić Trailer A village in the outback of Dalmatia, autumn of 1991. The war is raging nearby. 10-year-old Mia and 12-year-old Lorena are having a big day: their father, Mirko, is going to be released from the camp where he spent the last three months as a prisoner of war. Read more about HALF A MAN – Kristina Kumrić (Croatia, 2016) 19’[…]