ECONOMIC FORECASTERS – Reetta Huhtanen (Finland, 2015) 22’24”

A seriously funny vision on the inscrutable world of economics. Economy is like a force of nature or an otherworldly creature, which dominates our worldly life by its nervousness, storms and sentiments. Two atypical economic forecasters with supernatural powers try to predict the upcoming movements of these mysterious market forces. Seppo derives his economic predictions Read more about ECONOMIC FORECASTERS – Reetta Huhtanen (Finland, 2015) 22’24”[…]

I AM CONGO – David M’Boussou & Juan Ignacio Davila (Congo, 2016) 24’34”

From Brazzaville to the heart of the Congo Basin, the film takes us to meet characters such as the famous Congolese fighters, wrestlers, artists and musicians, sinners, and of course youth. I am Congo is a real visual experience,aesthetic and poetic journey through a country that full of talent, singularities of these everyday heroes.