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BEST Soundtrack Music – Raphaël Venin – „CADILLAC” directed by Pauline Roque [Belgium 2015]

Synopsis: Billie is a garage owner in a village of Wallonia. Isolated and put into debt, she has to, for a weekend long, face Wilhem, her creditor, and welcome Lou, her handicaped brother … Director Bio: After studies of contemporary dance to the academy, and a Master’s degree of screenwriting, Pauline Roque joins THE IAD[…]

poster yo soy Pedro

BEST Special Effects – „YO SOY PEDRO” – directed by: Jordan Inconstant [France 2014]

Synopsis: 1977 Mackenzie and Banks, two Americans cops encounter an alien that has just crash . The police take him for a film actor and decided to bring it back to Hollywood studios . Director Bio: Passionate about film and video from a young age, it is natural that I entreprie studies in this area. In 2013 I[…]


BEST Animation Film – „BEER by Charles Bukowski” – Nerdo – [Italy 2016]

Synopsis:BEER is a free interpretation of the poetry “Beer” from Charles Bukowski. The composition is a manifesto of the author’s way of live, this is why we decide to go inside the author’s mind, and is not a safe journey. A brain solo without filter, a tale of ordinary madness, showing how much loneliness and[…]

Transilvania Shorts, Spring Edition 2016_SISTER'S FIRE_POSTER

BEST Experimental – “SISTER’S FIRE” – Vincent de Ghoulie [USA 2015]

Synopsis: A painter living in Hollywood is sent to hell by his own sister Director Bio: Vincent de Ghoulie was born in Evanston, IL (January, 1988). After attending numerous public schools, studying under the wing of the Hallmark channel, soap operas, and Lifetime movies, he made his way into a private high school for the[…]


BEST Webisode – „CORTINA” – André Scütz – [Brazil 2013]

Synopsis: Fifty years old Gilka move to a bright new apartment. Being a night person, she needs curtains. There are things that look better in the dark. There are things that can’t be seen in the light. Director: André Scütz; Writer: Gabriela Amaral Almeida; Producer: Kelly Marciano; Key Cast: Suia Legaspe, Cadu Souza Trailer on[…]


BEST Music Video – „THROUGH MY STREET – RIO WOLTA” – Piet Baumgartner [Switzerland 2015]

Digger Love – Music Video for Rio Wolta. Director: Piet Baumgartner; Writer: Piet Baumgartner; Key Cast: Julia Gräfner, Andreas Storm Music video: Distribution agency facebook-profile


BEST Fashion Film – „JE TE VEUX” – Kenji Hirano [Japan]

Synopsis: A love letter’s story. She wants his love or… Inspired by Dutch painter Vermeer and girls in Tokyo subway who is addicted to smartphone communication. Director Bio:  KENJI HIRANO Kenji Hirano is a video director and videographer working in Tokyo. His work includes advertisements and animation for window displays and installations. A finalist of[…]


BEST Documentary – „MR. JOHNSON” – Emeka Anozie [Nigeria 2015]

Mr. Johnson is the story about a young man’s resolve to entertain and make a living through puppetry against all odds. Director Bio: A young African artist & film-maker with focus on preserving Africa’s rich cultural heritage. Director: Emeka Anozie; Writer:Emeka Anozie; Producer: Aborijin Media; Key Cast: Richard Fonju

locandina definitiva

BEST Human Rights Film –„DIGNITY” – Monica Mazzitelli [Italy 2015]

Synopsis: Twenty girls grow up in an orphanage called “O Viveiro” (“the nursery”, in Portuguese), building their lives one millimeter per day, in the miserable and unhealthy town of Chitima, in Mozambique. Orphan or poor, or both, they get an opportunity to invest in themselves, learn knowledge or professions, re-educate to receiving affection, set fractures[…]

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BEST Stop Motion – “THE CURSE OF THE WERE-RAT” – Jan Julian Rospond – [UK 2015]

Synopsis: In the city shred by terror, a mysterious shape-shifting man, strikes fear into the hearts of the citizens. A wild, innocent cat nearly falls victim to the strange monster, however he discovers his great secret. Director Bio: Jan Julian Rospond was born on 1st November 1994 in Cracow, Poland. At the age of 15[…]