AU REVOIR BALTHAZAR – Rafael Sommerhalder (Switzerland, 2016) 9’30”

BEST ANIMATION – Rafael Sommerhalder Trailer Facebook page A scarecrow, a storm, a broken leg. The resonant sound of a sea shell. Leaving forever. Director: Rafael Sommerhalder; Writer: Rafael Sommerhalder; Producer: Stella Händle, Claudia Frei Director Bio: Born in Switzerland in 1974, Rafael Sommerhalder studied Film Direction at ECAL in Lausanne and Animation at the Royal College of Art in Read more about AU REVOIR BALTHAZAR – Rafael Sommerhalder (Switzerland, 2016) 9’30”[…]

SUPER SCIENCE FRIENDS – EPISODE 1 “THE PHANTOM PREMISE” – Brett Jubinville (Canada, 2016) 15’57”

Super Science Friends was created by Brett Jubinville, animated by a lot of talented people at Tinman Creative Studios, and was successfully kickstarted November 2014. It features a team of time-travelling super scientists led by Winston Churchill who travel through time fighting nazis, zombies and all manner of sciency villains!

THE LAST TRIP OF EMILE – Tibo Pinsard (France, 2012) 30’40”

Emile, a stammerer, suffers a lot from his disability. He has suicidal tendancies and wishes to put an end to his life, while he doesn’t want to cause any pain to his dear mother. That’s why he flew to the Reunion Island, far from her, determined to exploit to the maximum – with his tour Read more about THE LAST TRIP OF EMILE – Tibo Pinsard (France, 2012) 30’40”[…]

STRIPES – Tibo Pinsard (France ,2016) 4’11”

JURY AWARD OF RECOGNITION – Tibo Pinsard “She and He are on their first date. They mutually try to seduce each other. But to truly know who she is and who he is, they must, literally, remove their masks.”   Director bio: A  french director, Tibo Pinsard discovered art when he went to Dijon (Burgundy, France) Read more about STRIPES – Tibo Pinsard (France ,2016) 4’11”[…]

THE SHIP THAT SHOULD NOT BE – Sifis Mainas (Greece, 2016) 13’02”

BEST STUDENT – Sifis Mainas Trailer Facebook page A young fisherman and a young sea-prostitute meet when the crew of a fishing trawler visits a mysterious brothel-ship. Director: Sifis Mainas; Producer: Giorgos Kyriakos Director bio: Sifis Mainas was born in Athens, Greece. He is a graduate of the Theater Department of the University of Peloponnese Fine Arts School (2012) Read more about THE SHIP THAT SHOULD NOT BE – Sifis Mainas (Greece, 2016) 13’02”[…]