THE CHROMAKEY MAN – William Samaha (Belgium, 2022) 14′

Semi-Finalist – Flicker’s Rhodes Island 2022

Dan always wanted to be an actor, but instead of achieving his dreams, he ends up a chromakey technician on movie sets. Covered in a bright green suit from head to toe, he is stuck in a rut until he gets offered an audition and the possibility to step into the limelight. The opportunity is potentially life-changing, and this absolutely terrifies him.

Dan is played by Alexander Arnold from Skins, Yesterday, Pistols and The Outpost.

Director – William Samaha

William Samaha is a filmmaker from Belgium. After studying Directing in Brussels, he moved to London and joined the NFTS. Straight out of film school, Will joined Sky UK to work in their Virtual Reality Studios as a creative, directing a wide variety of narrative and interactive content, allowing him to hone his narrative skills. After a couple of years of exploring storytelling in VR, he wanted a new challenge, so he moved back to Europe to co-direct season 3 of the TV series “Les Engagés XAOC” for France TV. Chromakey Man marks his first step as a writer-director.