YOU CAN’T AUTOMATE ME – Katarina Jazbec (Netherlands, 2021) 20′

Before container-ships leave port, lashers secure the containers using heavy metal bars. They are the last port workers to do such dangerous jobs surrounded by self-driven vehicles and remotely operated cranes. Each body tells its own story: from grieving for a colleague who died on the job to just keep going. Stowaway animals appear as visions of a more natural world.​

IFFR- International Film Festival Rotterdam 2021

Director – Katarina Jazbec

Katarina Jazbec is a visual artist working in film and photography. She was born in 1991, Slovenia, and has been living in Rotterdam since 2015. She received her BA from the Faculty of Economics in Ljubljana and her MA in Photography from the AKV | St. Joost art academy in Breda (NL). In her work, which is based on long-standing participatory research, she builds heterotopias and looks for new forms of storytelling while exploring the urgent questions of ethics, identity, agency, and pitfalls of our current dominant economy.

Her recent works have been shown among others at the FIDÉ Festival International du Documentaire Émergent in Paris, the International Festival of Contemporary Arts City of Women in Ljubljana and the TENT Platform for Contemporary Art in the Netherlands. She is a current grantee of the Mondriaan stipendium for emerging artists in the Netherlands. For her film Permeating Hearts, which is about reading with prisoners in Belgium, she was given a Tënk Award at FIDÉ Paris 2019. She is the first recipient of the RTM Pitch Award 2020 by the International Film Festival Rotterdam.