THE TRAIN DRIVER – Christian Wittmoser, Zuniel Kim (Germany, 2021) 5’45”

In the five-minute animated documentary film “The Train Driver,” an anonymous train driver recounts his experience with suicide on the rails. Six times he experienced people taking their own lives before his eyes. While surf fishing, he tries to distract himself – but does something like that really leave no trace?

Animafest Zagreb 2021, Annecy 2021, Palm Springs Short Fest 2021

Directors: Christian Wittmoser, Zuniel Kim

Christian Wittmoser
2016 Emily must wait | Kurzfilm 12 min | Deutschland
2012 Ankommen | Kurzfilm 30 min | Spanien, Deutschland

Zuniel Kim
2015 Der Langstreckenläufer|Dokumentarfilm|Buch und Regie
2015 Fahrt zur Hölle| Fernsehkonzept| Buch und Regie