EMPIRIC – Ioana Țurcan (Romania, 2021) 15’

Alexandra, early 20s, living with her mother and her mentally disabled brother, works at a textile factory in communist Romania. Because of the anti-abortion decree, women are used to the monthly gynecological check-ups. But this time, a surprise “parade” forces Alexandra to take a drastic decision.

Director – Ioana Țurcan

Ioana Ţurcan is a film director and interdisciplinary visual artist, graduate of the post-MA at the Royal Institute of Art, Sweden, dep. of Critical Images: Dignity and Representation, under the guidance of the anonymous Syrian film collective Abounaddara. She also has an MFA degree in Film and Video Production at the College of Visual and Performing Arts, Syracuse, NY where she studied as a Fulbright scholar, and furthermore got to teach courses of production, script writing and visual arts.
Ioana has collaborated with various visual artists, works as a director of photography for different film directors and holds workshops in non-formal settings.