VIRGO – Vlad Săcăleanu, Lise Hendrix (Romania, 2018) 30’

Virgo explores one of the most unique biodiversity ecosystems in Europe, which happens to be breathing in Romania.
However, its forests are threatened by illegal deforestation and lack of conservation awareness.
Being the unconventional documentary that it is, Virgo invites you
to experience a non-verbal-visual meditation through various forms of relief.
A green manifesto for our ultimate Mother.

(Created to be watched on big screen with high quality sound-system)



Director BiographyVlad Sacaleanu, Lise Hendrix

Born in Romania, Vlad (Volod) changed his path from a dedicated sport pistol shooter to a filmmaker.
His passion for cinema hunts him since childhood and now he has the chance to transpose all his accumulated visions through film and video production. Everything started from his decision to start an Advanced Media Production Master in Norway. There, his motivation and new passion for film made him combine two kinds of ‘shooting’:
– on film & in sport –
He aims to destroy deep-rooted stereotypes through cinematic projects, working together with Lise Hendrix for their Media Production Company and Foundation where their goal is to advance in film industry and change the minds with their future films.


Lise Hendrix was born in North of France.
In 2015 she graduated from her Home town Fine Art School and decided to fly to Norway, for one year of Media Production studies. Lise started working with images through Photography. She learned and practices the techniques of Analogue Photography during her Bachelor Degree in Arts and she is self-educated on Digital Photography.
Since then she was called to return in Norway to run workshops with Norwegians and International Students.
Her filmmaking studies in Norway introduced her to the art of motion picture as another way of playing with images – and ever since she hasn’t stopped creating.
With her experience shooting and co-directing in the Volod Hendrix media team, she brings creativity and visual integrity to her projects.