THE BLISSFULL ACCIDENTAL DEATH – Sergiu Negulici (Romania, 2017) 15’

Entering an antique shop, a young man finds an intriguing drawing which is hiding a secret love letter on the back, written 70 years ago. After finding out that the author of the drawing is still alive, 105 years old, and persuasive in finding out if the story is real, the man goes on an unusual journey to meet her, the painter who befriended many important Romanian artists at the beginning of the 20th century.


Jean Luc Xiberas Award for the First Movie – Annecy 2017, Best Romanian Movie – ANIM’EST Film Festival, GRAND PRIZE – International Competition, CINANIMA, Jury Grand Prix Award – Easterm and Central Europ Comp, ANIMATEKA, and more…



Director – Sergiu Negulici

Sergiu Negulici was drawing and his parents took him seriously and studied arts – sculpture in Toniza Art College and National University of Arts Bucharest He started working in the first post production studio in post ’89 Romania, Abis Studio, where he worked a lot of projects – as art director, visual artist, animator, lead animator, director , and he became part of the new wave of digital artists. He was participating with his art projects in few shows and art exibitions, he was also trainer In the romanian animation festival – Anim’Est during 5 editions. A couple of years ago he was given the chance to coordinate a small team for a part of a feature animation film and his work since focused more in animation movies. “The Blissful Accidental Death” is his first short animation movie – as a director, co-scenarist, lead animator, cinematographer. He has in pre-production his next short animation – “The Accident” He is currently workig in his own animation studio – Reniform Studio, coordinating a small team of young talented artists.