A CHINESE LEGAL CASE – Yanan Jia (China, 2018) 24’10’’

A Chinese legal case is a stop-motion animation.It rearranged from the classical novels of chivalrous cases in the Qing Dynasty,The Detective Chivalrous Story,chapter Five-Black pot complaint, Biegu litigation.It’s about a crime story that it happened in the Song dynasty of China.This film has added some different art forms, like traditional Chinese operas, stage plays, modern drama. Using the salient features of Chinese traditional operas virtuality to show the specific time and space for stage scene processing. Part of the music in the film is taken from: WUPENJI(Victor Record,1908), Sun Juxian; GUANGLINSAN; GUCHAYOUJING; MENGJIANGNÜ; YANGSHAOGUYINDUANXIANG; BAWANGXIEJIA; WUPENJI(WeiCengKaiYan),Meng Xiaodong.




Director Biography – Yanan Jia,graduated from Luxun Academy of Fine Arts in China. Like clay animation and make puppet animation. The first stop-motion animation is The Little Mermaid, it produced in 2016, using paper and clay.