THE VICTORY OF CHARITY – Albert Meisl (Austria, 2017) 24’14”

Musicologist Mr. Szabo has dedicated himself to explore the history of Austrian pop music. Due to an unfortunate coincidence, one of his most beloved collectibles, an original stage costume of a Viennese Beat band from the 60s, was given to a charity clothing collection. To retreive the rare piece, Szabo doesn’t shy away from a veritable break-in. His young, aspiring colleague Mr. Fitzthum helps him – not entirely voluntarily. Unlike Szabo he has a lot to lose: his job, his career and above all, his freedom.



Director Biography – Albert Meisl was born in Munich, Germany. He studied German literature and film science at universities in Munich and Berlin, acting at Salzburg’s Mozarteum, and directing and scriptwriting at the Film Academy of the University of Performing Arts in Vienna. He works as a journalist and scriptwriter, and as an assistant film director and dramatic advisor for the theater. In 2008 he was personal assistant to Götz Spielmann for the shooting of Revanche. Documentary filmography: the short ninety-eight (achtundneunzig, 2004) and the feature-length Final Station Ostkreuz (Endstation Ostkreuz, 2007). Dramatic works: one of nine segments in Pains of Youth (Krankheit der Jugend, 2007) and the short films Marzenka (2014) and The Burden of memory (Die Last der Erinnerung, 2016)