HEROD’S DAUGHTER – Charles Burroughs (Canada, 2016) 2’11”


La Fille d’Hérode is a fashion film that was produced to announce Larose-Paris’ new line of luxury berets. Taking its inspiration from 1991’s Cannes Grand Prize winner La Belle Noiseuse, the film portrays talents Salome Zimmerlin and Adam Markovic in a nude drawing session. All drawings and paintings in the film are from Markovic himself, and his wife Sharon Okun. The film was first released as an exclusivity on Vogue France.





Director Biography – Charles Burroughs currently works as a commercial film director in Canada. He was recently awarded a Bronze Lion in Cannes, for his campaign “A Bit Bitter”, directed for Farnham Ale&Lager. This same campaign also won 2 Gold Awards at Toronto’s Marketing Awards, including “Best TV Campaign”. See the ads here: http://www.novafilm.com/en/work/advertising/farnham-abitbitter