HELL VISA – Junjie “Jake” Zhang (China, 2014) 3’46”


An unhappy man contemplates moving to Hell for its great weather, job opportunities, and excitement.





Director Biography – Junjie “Jake” Zhang is an independent animation filmmaker, illustrator and educator living in LA and Hong Kong. He likes to explore and develop different visual styles to express emotions and stories. After graduating from China Central Academy of Fine Arts, he has focused on the self-research on the relations among graphics, live action and animation. His short films have been selected in many film festivals and recently the most recent short Pokey Pokey gets Adobe Design and Achievement Award for its Special Storytelling Designation.

After graduating from USC, Jake becomes one of the main faculties at Savannah College of Art and Design, Hong Kong and starts teaching full time. While teaching, He keeps creating. Working out unique styles and stories has been always his goal and dream.

2015 – Pokey Pokey – Director/ Animator
2014 – Hell! Visa – Director/ Animator
2014 – Musical Miracle – Director/ Animator
2013 – Mosaic Dance – Director/ Animator
2013 – Telemiscommunications – Animator
2012 – Sad John (music video) – Director/ Animator
2011 – USB – Director/ Animator