DEADLY DRIVE-IN DISASTER – Arjan Wilschut (Netherlands, 2015) 2’30”




‘Hip, snel, grappig, gevat.’
-director Eddy Terstall (Simon, Meet me in Venice)
‘Fast moving, very well made and hitting all the right buttons.’
-producer Jan Doense aka Mr Horror

Sola Powers, special agent with Extraterrestrial Affairs, jumps into action when a drive-in- showing an alien invasion movie- is attacked by a real UFO. This film was made for Dutch cinema chain PATHE, and shown before 007 James Bond: SPECTRE.





Arjan Wilschut – Animator, director, writer

Arjan started animating on commercials for Comic House agency, and on Piet Kroon’s film Dada. He lived and worked in Cardiff for five years. For Joanna Quinn he animated on Famous Fred, several Whiskas ads, and Dreams and Desires. He worked in London for TVC, Uli Meyer Studios and on Michael Dudok de Wit’s oscar-winning film Father and Daughter.

Back in Holland he made the title sequence for the popular Dutch children’s film Minoes and started a small studio called Animation Works to write, design, and direct his own films: Shadows (2002), Penguins Christmas (2004), Hard boiled Chicken (2006) and Boer Jansen (2012) aka Farmer Jack, which won 5 international film awards and 2 Audience Awards.

Latest addition is the Ultrashort film ‘Sola Powers in Deadly Drive-In Disaster’ (2015) which was shown before 007: SPECTRE in Dutch cinemas nationwide. The short won several awards and nominations and is still being screened at festivals worldwide.

In recent years Arjan animated on European feature films like Phantom Boy (2015), Ethel and Ernest (2016) and Funan (2017). He also works as a storyboard artist for several TV productions and of course, he is working on a new short film.