ACCELERATE – Dian Weys (South Africa, 2017) 11’51”



Two paramedics stare death in the face while attempting to save a patient’s life. (Based on real and current events in and around Cape Town.)





Director Biography  – Dian Weys (1991, Pretoria) studied BCom Law and English Honours at the University of the Free State and Honours in Film & Television Studies at the University of Cape Town. He completed a Masters in Film Studies cum laude at the University of Cape Town in 2016. He has published peer-reviewed articles on cine-ethics and responsible filmmaking. “Versnel” (Accelerate), his first film, debuted at the Silwerskermfees (Silver Screen Festival) in August 2017 in Cape Town and won Best Short Film (12 minutes) and Best Screenplay (12 mins) and was also nominated for Best Director and Best Editing
Director Statement
“Versnel” (Accelerate) is based on true and current events. Between 2016 and 2017, over 150 paramedics and other medical professionals have been victimised or attacked in and around Cape Town. Even though local government have classified certain areas as red zones (which entails ambulances being escorted by police to get to their patients), paramedics are still being targeted by gangs and other individuals as they deliver a service to the community. With Cape Town’s political, racial, socio-economic and geographic challenges, don’t we have a responsibility towards those men and women who put their lives, day in and day out, on the line to help those who are vulnerable, precarious and helpless?