THE SLED – Emanuela Ponzano (Italy, 2016) 19’

BEST ACTOR – Riccardo Specchio

A sled brings together two boys from different countries and cultures and carries them through the winter woods of the Italian mountains, far away from their parents’ prejudices and isolation. Two children, one sled and a lasting friendship.



Director: Emanuela Ponzano; Writer: Emanuela Ponzano,Simone Riccardini; Producer: Emanuela Ponzano,Andrea Leone

Director bio: Born in Brussels, Emanuela is an actress and director in both Cinema and Theatre. She divides her time working mainly between Rome, Paris and Brussels. In 1995, having completed her degree in Political Science at the ULB in Brussels, Emanuela decided to study dramatic arts at the Conservatoire Royal in Liège, Belgium. In 2008 she directs two short films “Bagnasciuga” and “Riflessi” that have since been shown at many national and international festivals. The Sled is her second short fiction film selected in more than 70 international film festival in 2016.