DREAMS ON SALE – Vlad Buzoianu (Romania, 2016) 9’24”

BEST DEBUT – Vlad Buzoianu


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In a world where people are able to record, buy and sell dreams, many are starting to lose the ability of dreaming. Dreams have become a new form of art and a commodity for the rich class.


Director: Vlad Buzoianu; Writer: Vlad Buzoianu, Cristian Petrescu; Producer: Ciprian Tanasa; Key cast:Cristian Petrescu

Director bio: Vlad Buzaianu lives and works in Bucharest. Here he graduated in business studies and psychology. This is his first film project.

Director statement: We tried to do something that was never done before: use dreams as a metaphor for our day to day lost dreams. It is a film for all the people struggling with their dead end jobs while asking themselves why they did not pursue any of their actual dreams. After 2 years of work we feel that we manage to end up with a fresh and interesting project that will take the viewer from reality to dreamworld and back.