BEST SCREENPLAY – Valentina Galli, Josep Piris, Lu Pulici – “NEVICA” – directed by: Lu Pulici [Italy 2015]

Synopsis: Could the mood of a person changing weather? The sun has not come out for 40 days in the village. During this time Nina has not been the same. At work, at home and in the village, the behavior of the old woman reflects that she is hiding something deep and mysterious. Those that care for her do not understand the reason for her sadness. Meanwhile the sky in the country is getting gray…

Director Bio: Lu Pulici was born in Descalvado, Brazil in 1963 and lives in Pennabilli , Italy. He qualified as an architect by the Catholic University of Santos , Brazil, and graduated as a film director by the Centre d’ Estudis Cinematogràfics de Catalunya , Barcelona , Spain . From 1993 to 2001 he worked in Spanish film productions as artistic director , both in the development of short and feature films. Also direct 3 short films produced by the Centre d’ Estudis Cinematogràfics de Catalunya . In 1998 he created and directed Trukitrek Theatre Company , dedicated to puppet theater , having taken its shows to more than 30 countries. In 2013 she founded with Fancesco Zucchi the independent film producer “Lumaca Film”.

Director: Lu Pulici; Writer: Valentina Galli, Josep Piris, Lu Pulici; Producer: Josep Piris, Valerio Brizi

Key Cast: Gina Gattei, Ferruccio Crociani, Ebano Corelli

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