transilvania shorts International short film festival

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The Jury

Ștefan Crișan

Member of the jury
Music producer, sound designer, foley artist, Ștefan Crișan started his musical activity in 1995, before going to study Photo-Video at Cluj-Napoca Art University.

Sorin Baican

Member of the jury
He is the co-founder of Studioset, a full-house production company based in Bucharest ( known for its highly innovative cinematic and commercial projects.

Bogdan Zelinschi

Member of the jury
Chemistry graduate at the University of Bucharest, has been working as an illustrator and motion designer since his college years in the early 2000s.

Augustin C. Pop

Member of the jury
Animator since 2006 in a lot of famous romanian projects like “Animat Planet Show” that were leader of TV primetime for 7 seasons. Animator for feature, music, commercial and explainer videos. Owner and founder of ‘Le Jacques’ Shadow Theatre Company. Owner at Popixar Studios, studio that is promising to bring live action mixed with animation movies on the screens. Graduated Theatre and Film University in Bucharest (2000-2004) and the master degree in Directing Animated Theatre (2004-2006). Experience as actor in movies and theatre, musician and puppeteer.

Damian Groves

Member of the jury
Born in the UK Damian is now based in Bucharest and working as a director and creative head at Studioset. Specialised in animation and craft Damian’s portfolio of work includes award winning short films, commercials, fashion films, and music videos.

Bogdan Filip

Member of the jury
Bogdan Filip is a Director Of Photography and Photographer, with more than 15 years experience as a DOP, lighting and shooting commercials, documentaries , television programmes and music videos for a variety of international brands and artists.